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Preventative Medicine

The team at Our Vet™ is dedicated to preventative medicine for animals at every stage of life. By preventing health problems before they start and detecting issues before they become serious, we keep your pet healthier and happier, and help you save on vet bills in the long run.

Our Vet’s preventative medicine services include:

  • Vaccinations: ensuring your pet is protected as part of an annual checkup
  • Diet: preventing and treating obesity with tailored diets
  • Dental care: preventing dental disease before it occurs
  • Blood testing and x-rays: performed in-house to detect internal problems early
  • Desexing: preventing diseases of the reproductive organs
  • Treatment for worms, heartworm and fleas
  • Vaccinations and checkups

    Your pet’s annual vaccination and checkup is an ideal time to assess their overall health and wellbeing. It gives you an opportunity to let us know if something seems “not quite right” with your pet. It also allows us to evaluate every body system thoroughly so any potential health problems can be addressed early on.

    Your annual vaccination and checkup includes:

    • a full physical examination
    • assessment of diet 
    • assessment of worming and flea prevention measures.
    • a full written report detailing our recommendations.
    • There is a discount if you bring in more than one pet for vaccination.
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  • Diet

    Overweight pets are predisposed to a number of ailments and diseases, particularly later in life. Our nurses are highly trained in helping you to help your pet achieve an ideal weight.

    If your pet has weight issues, we can tailor a Slimmers’ Program for them, including a fully balanced diet and exercise plan so they can lose weight without feeling hungry.

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  • Dental Care

    Dental diseases are common in pets. There are lots of things you can do to prevent them, including teeth brushing, dental care diets, and bones for chewing. We often see pets affected by tartar and gingivitis. You may first notice changes in your pet’s breath. In these cases, a professional scale and polish is required, and sometimes an x-ray.

    We have a full dental suite at Our Vet, including a high and low speed drill, ultrasonic scaler and polisher. This minimises trauma to the mouth and improves post-operative recovery.

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  • Blood Testing

    We have a fully equipped laboratory, which allows us to perform routine blood tests in-house, with results in as little as 10 minutes. We also examine all blood smears, swabs and needle-aspirates to assist in diagnosis. We use an external veterinary laboratory for tissue biopsies and specialised blood testing.

  • X-rays

    Our advanced, all-purpose X-ray machine is capable of taking high quality X-rays of the entire body. Our automatic film processor develops X-ray films in just three minutes. This enables us to diagnose quicker, and to get your pet on the road to recovery sooner.

  • Desexings

    Although desexing operations are routine, they still require the care and attention that all general anaesthetics and surgery demands. As you plan for this important surgery, be assured that our hospital takes this procedure as seriously as you do.

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  • Intestinal Worm Treatment

    Intestinal worms can cause diarrhoea, weight loss and anaemia in your pets. However, they can have even more serious effects for humans, including blindness, cyst formation in vital organs, and massive growths which act like tumours.

    Keeping intestinal worms at bay is easy. Your pet should be wormed at least every 3 months, to protect both you and them.
  • Heartworm Treatment

    Heartworm disease can be a fatal condition. Luckily, it’s also a condition that can be easily prevented. The heartworm preventatives that we recommend are safe, easy and effective. They need to be administered to your dog on a monthly basis, either as a tasty tablet or a spot-on application.

    Many heartworm preventatives also include intestinal wormers, flea control or both. For those who find it impossible to remember a monthly heartworm treatment, a yearly injection is now available.

  • Fleas

    Fleas are the most common external parasite in dogs and cats. They not only cause skin irritations to you and your pet, but can also transmit harmful diseases.

    Luckily, flea treatment and prevention is easy. Topical preparations like Frontline Plus and Advocate kill not only the adult fleas, but also the immature stages which develop in your pet’s environment. They should be given monthly, even in the colder months, as most fleas thrive in heated environments.

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  • Surgery and anaesthesia

    Our Vet has a dedicated surgical theatre and full surgical instrumentation, so we can perform almost all surgeries. We’re also equipped with anaesthetic stations, using isofluorane, the safest anaesthetic gas available. All the equipment you would expect to see in a human surgery theatre is in use in our hospital.

    Prior to any surgery, we recommend pre-anaesthetic blood profiling. This enables us to detect to monitor kidney and liver function.  Ask about our Peace Of Mind program for more information about making your pet’s surgery as comfortable as possible.

    Some of the surgical procedures we offer are:

    • desexing
    • lump removal
    • laceration repair
    • knee reconstructions and other orthopaedic procedures
    • fracture repairs

    We may refer you to a specialist surgeon for complex cases, like neurosurgery or complicated fractures.

  • Microchipping

    Microchipping is a safe and permanent form of identification for your pet. Unlike collars and tags, microchips can’t be lost. When a stray animal arrives at a pound, animal shelter or vet clinic, it’s scanned to search for the presence of a microchip. If a microchip is found, the pet can be reunited with their owner.

    Check your local council and state laws for registration and identification rules - for example, all dogs and cats in Victoria must be implanted with a microchip by law.

    More about microchipping.
  • Puppy Pre-School

    Puppies need exposure to as many different social experiences as possible, especially when they’re young (preferably under 14 weeks). Socialisation is crucial to their emotional development, and pups who are isolated during this time are more likely to be aggressive, fearful and antisocial.

    Puppy Pre-School promotes socialisation in a safe and non-threatening environment, resulting in a well-adjusted dog. Before taking your puppy to Pre-School, he or she must be checked by one of our vets, and their vaccinations must be up to date. Puppy Pre-School is run in conjunction with Best Friends Pet SuperCentre.

    Register for Puppy Pre-School.