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Vet care for the life of your cat

Did you know that cats are living longer than ever before?   A lot of this can be attributed to responsible pet ownership and high quality veterinary care.  The team at Our Vet is here to help your give your cat quality care for them to live a long, happy and healthy life.   Cats age quite differently to us and that they have quite different life stages: 

  • From birth to 12 months: Kitten life stage
  • 13 months to 8 years: Adult life stage
  • 8 years +: Mature / senior

Different stages have different requirements to sustain good health.  Below we have outlined a few points to consider when thinking about your cat's health.  Look for links to learn more about different topics.  


  • Vaccinations are very important - even for indoor-only cats. They might not go outside, but the outside can come inside - bringing infections to them.
  • Desexing your kitten at 4 months of age will avoid unwanted litters and prevent hormones causing ant-social behaviour. (Note: Adult cats can still be desexed)
  • Regularly treating your kitten for parasites like worms and fleas is important for their well-being.
  • Premium quality kitten food for the first 12 months of your kitten’s life is a must for healthy development.
  • It is now possible to vaccinate against feline AIDS, a deadly disease that affects an estimated 18% of all cats in Australia.

  Adults and seniors:

  • Annual vaccination boosters are essential to maintain your cat’s protection against nasty diseases.
  • Our Vet recommends a consultation Twice for Life.  Because cats age faster, a thorough check up two times a year is the equivalent of a human seeing their doctor or dentist every 2-3 years. These check-ups can help identify any problems in their early stages.
  • Annual blood and urine tests are extra tools your vet uses to identify issues in their early stages. It’s sometimes difficult to know what’s happening on the inside so these tests provide a great snapshot of internal health.
  • Regular parasite control is also important for grown up cats. Fleas and worms can have an impact on cats of any age.
  • Nutrition has a huge impact on your cat’s health and longevity, too. There is a premium food to suit every cat’s lifestyle and age.

If you have any questions about caring for your cat, call your nearest Our Vet clinic on 1300 OUR VET.