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Prescription Diets – nutritional support when your best friend needs it most

What began as a specially formulated diet for a German Shepherd Guide Dog experiencing kidney disease, has evolved into a whole range of therapeutic diets for cats and dogs. 

Hill’s™ revolutionised the veterinary industry when they invented the first Prescription Diet  in the early 1940’s. The years since have seen an ongoing commitment to innovation through research and development.  

Each diet is designed to assist pet owners and their veterinarians to manage a broad spectrum of illnesses affecting dogs and cats.

Whilst these particular Hill’s offerings are referred to as Prescription Diets, they do not contain medication. Vets often use a combination of medication and a Prescription Diet to ensure pets enjoy the longest and happiest life possible.  Each diet has a nutritional or physical make-up that delivers significant benefits for pets afflicted with a specific illness. 

Here are some examples of Hill’s Prescription Diet:

  • K/D (kidney diet) for instance has reduced protein and phosphorus, two of the elements in normal food that stress failing kidneys. 
  • The high levels of omega 3 fatty acids in J/D (joint diet) nourishes joint cartilage and reduces inflammation in dogs and cats with arthritis.
  • T/D (tooth diet) is made with a special fibre matrix that “brushes” the teeth of cats and dogs as they eat.  
  • Then there is prescription food to help manage liver disease, obesity, urinary crystals and stones, heart disease, skin allergies, intestinal sensitivity and more.

It is important that Prescription Diets are used under close veterinary supervision.  Each type has a specific application and should be used only as directed by your vet. 

For optimal care it is very important for your vet to regularly re-evaluate your pet’s health status to ensure the right diet is being fed in the correct amount and frequency, which is why we ask for some form of approval from your regular vet before purchase and to comply with Prescription Diet guidelines.  If you aren’t a client of Our Vet, our staff are happy to contact your regular vet on your behalf for this approval.  Our Vet will also gather some basic information about you and your pet to comply with Prescription Diet guidelines set by Hill’s.

Because of our  partnership with Best Friends, they are the only pet retailer to offer Hill’s Prescription Diet food.  Plus, all VIP Pet Care Club members get 10% off Prescription Diets every day!  

If you are concerned about your pet’s health, speak to the team at Our Vet.  A Hill’s Prescription Diet may be part of our recommendation to ensure your pet enjoys the longest, happiest and healthiest life they deserve.  

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