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T'was the few weeks before Christmas...

T'was the few weeks before Christmas...and all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even a mouse, or the cat - Fluff, or the dog - Soldier!  They were, however, as excited about Christmas as the rest of the family. 

Soldier was going to be the kennels for a short stay while his parents went away, so he had has his annual check-up and vaccinations at Our Vet.   As always, his Vet had checked him over from "head to tail" and his parents received a written report telling them all the things that had been seen.  (Solider knew it must have been good because there it was, stuck on the fridge with the finger paintings and the school reports.)  Fluff was also on her way to the kennels and had been in for vaccinations.

During Fluff's consultation, she received her worming tablet (Fluff can be a bit of handful at home and the Vet nurse was happy to help her parents out by giving the tablet - she even suggested they come back every three months for her to give the next tablet - no consultation required!).  As Fluff was getting a little older, the Vet took some blood to check her internal organs.  The Vet found Fluff had some early Kidney changes, and it was recommended that her parents were able to start a new diet that would help ensure Fluff's health was maintained.  
During the holiday season, remember to make this a great time of year to get those check-ups and vaccinations brought up-to-date.  If you're not sure whether you are up to date, give your vet a call and they will tell you what is due and when.  What better a Christmas present could your pets get than a longer, healthier life?