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Free dental checks at Our Vet this August

Did you know that dental disease is the number one problem affecting dogs and cats world wide?  Poor oral care can lead to periodontitis, which can develop into gum disease, mouth pain and even bone and tooth loss.  Symptoms can include smelly breath, red or swollen gums, yellow or brown teeth, loose or missing teeth and difficulty chewing hard food or toys.   

The team at Our Vet wants Australian pet owners to know how common and preventable dental disease is.  

Throughout August, Our Vet is offering free dental checks for new and existing clients' dogs and cats.  The free dental health check is available at all of our clinics nationally and includes a Vet Map, which gives you detailed dental assessment of your pet for you to take home.  

Want more information on oral care for your pet?

If you would like to book a FREE DENTAL CHECK at Our Vet, you can request an appointment here.   Appointments are available Monday to Friday, throughout August.  Click here to find your nearest clinic.