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My Cat and Grooming

Cats are naturally very clean animals, cleaning themselves several times a day; but sometimes they need some extra help.

It is best to introduce a cat to bathing and brushing as kittens so that it becomes less stressful with time.  Certain breeds such as Ragdoll and Persians require a simple brush everyday and a regular professional groom once or twice a year, depending on lifestyle and age. As medium to long hair cats grow older, they will rely on us to help keep uncomfortable mats out of their fur.

As all pet parents know, every cat has their own unique personality and special needs. Depending on your cat’s specific grooming requirements, the price for treatment can vary.  We want to ensure your cat enjoys their grooming experience and is as comfortable as possible at all times. Some cats may find grooming uncomfortable if it is their first time. You may prefer us to groom your cat while it is under sedation to minimise stress.  Please speak to our team so we can tailor your cat’s treatment for their specific grooming requirements.

Cat grooming is currently available at the following clinics:

  • Helensvale
  • Virginia
  • Kawana
  • Maribyrnong
  • Geelong
  • Point Cook

For more information, please contact your Our Vet, or to find your nearest clinic, click here.