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Protect your pet from fleas and worms

All dog and cat owners need to treat their pets for both fleas and worms.  

Fleas Fleas are the most widespread external parasite found on pets worldwide. They make your pet irritable, transmit worms and disease, and can cause an allergic skin condition called Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).    

Every female flea on your pet will lay hundreds of eggs in less than a week, which drop off your pet into the environment.  The cocoons that baby fleas hatch from can withstand almost every environmental extreme and survive for up to 11 months in dirt, carpet or your car. This means even the best flea treatments must be continued long term.  The safest and most effective flea treatments are given monthly.  Best Friends has a complete range of safe and effective products available.   

are easily transmitted by fleas. Tapeworm segments filled with eggs get released periodically. These segments “crawl” around your pet’s bottom. This is what causes the classic symptom of dragging the bottom along the ground, also known as “scooting” or “tobogganing”.    

Round worms feed off the food in your pet’s intestine. After being swallowed, worm larvae “migrate” through the blood, into the lungs and re-emerge in the intestines. These worms can affect people.  Round worms can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, poor condition, weight loss and poor coat condition in your pet.  

Whipworms reside in the lower bowel of dogs. Often there are hundreds or even thousands which cause chronic irritation and diarrhoea. Hookworm, as its name suggests, “hooks” into the gut of your dog. This causes severe inflammation and gut upsets. Large numbers of hookworm can be fatal.  

Heartworm is spread from the blood of an infected dog to yours by mosquitoes. Once heartworm reaches the heart it causes signs of heart failure including fainting, coughing, difficulty breathing and even sudden death.

Our Vet tips to keep your pet and your family flea and worm free:

  • Make sure you treat your pets for fleas, worms and heartworm as regularly 
  • Clean pet sleeping areas regularly (Our Vet and Best Friends staff can help you select the right cleaning products for your pet's bed and kennel along with advice on how frequency of use)
  • Healthy pets fight parasitic diseases better than less healthy pets. So feed your pet high quality premium food and ensure they have regular check-ups
  • Clean litter trays and remove poo from your yard regularly.  A single roundworm (Toxocara canis) can produce 80,000 eggs a day. These are excreted in faeces and remain in your pet's environment until it is cleaned up
  • Regular vet visits are essential, Our Vet recommends 2 times per year, remember:  "Twice for Life"

If you would like more advice on flea and worming treatments, come in and speak to the Our Vet team available 7 days at all Best Friends Pet Care SuperCentres.