The best of care for all pets


Why premium nutrition food is the best for your pet.

Feeding premium food is one of the best ways to keep your dog happy and healthy, and it starts from the day you bring your puppy or kitten home.

Different dogs and cats at different life stages need specific nutrition to keep them healthy. There are so many different things to consider; factors like size, breed, age, environment, exercise, heredity and weight management can mean a particular brand is more effective for your pet’s health.

Did you know that premium food is:

  • Made as a perfectly balanced diet
  • Great for joint care and weight loss management
  • Formulated for different life stages, activity levels and breeds
  • Developed for better dental health
  • Better value cost per serve
  • Great to reduce odour (talk to our team about back-end performance!)
  • Proven to give a healthy skin and coat
  • Best for greater overall wellbeing

For more information to select the best and most nutritious food for your pet, speak to your vet or the Best Friends team in store.