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Premium cat food: The best thing to feed your cat

Premium cat foods are the best nutrition for your cat. Good nutrition equals good health, which means your cat will be happier and so will you.

Premium food is formulated for different life stages, activity levels, cat sizes and even breeds. Premium foods can assist with weight loss and management, sensitive skin, coat care, dental health and joint care.

A better diet means less cleanup, less odour, better dental health, better coat condition and greater overall wellbeing.

Some premium food success stories

Many cat owners get amazing results when they switch their pet from regular to premium food. Here are some examples:

My cat is long haired, from the Persian family, with cotton like tummy hair that matted easily and required daily brushing. After I switched him to premium food, his hair has become so soft and silky that I can go a week without brushing him and he will still be mat free. (Wendy and Mau)

Lucy, Max, and Chubs used to eat grocery store food. They threw up often, and we just assumed it was natural for cats to vomit frequently. After reading books on pet nutrition, we switched them to a high-quality premium food that contains no by-products or cheap fillers. The difference was amazing. Within weeks, they became much more active, their coats so much shinier, and they stopped vomiting. (Catherine)


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