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Checklist for a new kitten

To give your kitten the best start in life, play with them, handle them gently and spend as much time with them as you can.

To make their life as comfortable as possible, you'll need a few basic items:

  • a warm, draught-free, cat bed, igloo or basket, lined with warm soft bedding
  • 2 unbreakable bowls for food and water
  • premium kitten food
  • cat litter, litter tray & litter scoop
  • a light collar (and lead if you're considering walking your kitten)
  • an identification tag for name and phone number
  • a bell for the collar (to discourage hunting behaviour)
  • a cat travel cage
  • a great selection of toys to chew, hide, chase and catch
  • a cat scratching post or other special cat furniture
  • a cat flap for easy access to the outdoors
  • nail clippers
  • cat treats (for training – yes, cats & kittens can be trained!)
  • grooming brush (especially for long haired kittens)
  • an outdoor enclosure
  • intestinal worm treatment
  • flea control

Our colleagues at Best Friends Pet SuperCentre have a great selection of all the above items. And remember, if you need any advice about how to keep your kitten happy and comfortable, just ask Our Vet™.