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The little chip that can bring your cat back

When kittens are young, they stay close to home. But as they grow into adult cats, they like to explore. Most of the time, they’re home again in time for dinner, but occasionally they do go astray. When this happens, microchipping gives you the very best chance of being reunited with your precious pet.

Kittens can be microchipped safely from a young age. Many people ask their vet to desex and microchip their kitten at the same time, so it can be done altogether under anaesthetic. That said, anaesthetic is not essential, as inserting the tiny microchip is a nearly painless procedure.

When you microchip your kitten, you can rest in the knowledge that if your cat runs away and is taken to the local vet, council, or dog shelter, it will be easy for the staff to scan the microchip, locate you, and return your kitten safe and sound.

Microchip registers

There are several recognised pet microchip registers in Australia. They all have access to each other’s databases, so you only need to get your cat microchipped once! If you need advice on getting your cat microchipped, just ask Our Vet™. (Note that cats adopted through Our Vet are already microchipped.)