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Making the most out of your Our Vet appointment

Regular scheduled visits to your vet is an essential part of being a pet parent. Our Vet recommends Twice For Life. Because animals age at a faster rate than humans, two check-ups each year is important. It really helps when you bring your health record file with you.   Here are our tips to make the most out of your Our Vet appointment.  

Booking your appointment:

Before your appointment:

  • Write down a list of questions before your visit to make sure you find out everything you need to know
  • Take note of your pet's eating and drinking habits for a week before the appointment
  • Check your pet's stool performance and urination for the week before the appointment to check for irregularities
  • Think about your pet's recent behaviour - is there anything concerning you?
  • Know what flea & worming control you are treating your pet with and where you are up to with treatment and protection
  • Please bring in any vaccination cards and previous vet documentation for your pet
  • If your pet is coming in for surgery, please make sure they have not eaten for 12 hours and, where possible, have been to the toilet.

During your appointment:

  • For the safety and security of your pet, all cats should be transported in a cat carrier and all dogs restrained by a leash.
  • Some pets become anxious when they visit the vet. It helps if you remain relaxed and calm to avoid sending stressful vibes. Our Vet staff are friendly and gentle. They will do their best to ensure your pet has a positive experience.
  • Relax and enjoy the conversation! Our Vet wants the best for you and your pet.  Feel free to make notes during the appointment, but you will receive more information in writing at the end of the appointment.
  • Ask your Our Vet clinic if they have any specialties, so you can benefit from their expertise.
  • If your pet has had an operation, exercise care taking it back to the car. The Our Vet team can assist you, don't hesitate to ask for help. We will also give you information about what level of activity is recommended during the recovery time.
  • Give your pet a treat after the appointment to reward their excellent behaviour (and associate Vet visits with positive reward)!  
  • After every visit to Our Vet, you will receive a tailored VetMap report on your pets health and wellbeing. Please read this and share with family to get the most out of your vet visit.