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Be flea free

Fleas cause discomfort, spread disease and can transmit tapeworms.  Fleas live and breed by sucking the blood of your pets, they occasionally bite humans as well, but cannot live on our skin.  

To eradicate fleas it is essential to treat all the dogs and cats in your household because when one of your pets has fleas, it is likely that all of your pets have fleas. The type of flea found on dogs and cats can also affect small pets like ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits.  They can also infect your house.  

Fleas are spread from thousands of eggs dropped by infected pets.  The tiny cocoons that baby fleas hatch from can last for many months, infesting your pets, your house, car, backyard and other areas; these will all need treatment, too.  It is essential for the health of your pet that you treat your pets as well as their environment to control flea infestations.   

it is important to ensure that your pet's environment is alos treated.  Best Friends has a range of cleaning products and treatments to help you do this.

The most effective way to prevent flea infestations is regular treatments like Sentinel, Panoramis, Frontline or Advocate.  These monthly solutions stop the life cycle of fleas and worms developing and help keep infestations at bay.  

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