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Dental health for small pets

Did you know that your rabbit's teeth continue to grow throughout its life?  

For your rabbit's health, it's important to provide your bunny with routine veterinary care and plenty of opportunities to chew.  In the wild rabbits regularly chew on grasses, leaves and bark-covered sticks to wear their teeth properly.    The best way to make sure your pet bunny wears their teeth is to provide a diet high in coarse fibre.  Unfortunately many domestic rabbits are fed a diet high in pellets which lack sufficient fibre to promote healthy wear.  All pelleted diets should be supplemented with fresh hay.    

When a bunny’s teeth become long they don’t come together properly.  Over time this causes hooks or spurs to develop which can damage the inside of the mouth causing painful abscesses.  Signs of an abscess include drooling, excessive face-rubbing, swelling of the jaw, weight loss and a smelly discharge along the face.   

Routine dental checks by your vet is essential to keep a rabbit’s teeth in good condition. The vet will examine your pet’s teeth to determine if there is a need to trim or file teeth using special instruments.  

If you notice any broken, missing or chipped teeth, please contact Our Vet™ immediately. And remember, prevention is the best medicine – so get out those chew toys and maintain your small pet's dental health.